THE EQUITY EQUATION: A Roadmap To Equity, Diversity and Inclusion in Finance

The Equity Equation is an industry-wide analysis of employee experiences in Canada’s finance industry, looking at how personal identities including gender, race and sexual orientation, impact experiences at work. The report includes a new, innovative roadmap to equity, diversity and inclusion, and is a must-read for any professional or firm looking to advance ED&I. The findings are based on survey data collected in 2019 from 600 professionals in Canada’s capital markets.

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Four Real Ways You Can Support ED&I in Finance

  1. Read The Equity Equation.
  2. Share The Equity Equation and discuss with your colleagues.
  3. Take action on any of the recommendations included in The Equity Equation.
  4. Spread the knowledge – we invite you to share any of the below graphics on your social media accounts (and tag @WCMCanada)

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Key Findings Include

  • 55% of women believe they are treated equally and 48% say they have equal access to opportunities compared to other genders at their work. 
  • Equal pay remains a concern, with only 34% of women believing they are paid equally to other genders (compared to 74% of men).
  • Half of women (48%) and more than half (62%) of the LGBTQ2S+ community recognize bias in their workplace.
  • There is a persistent opportunity gap, with only 41% of Black women believing they have equal opportunities to men at their firm.
  • Advancement processes are an opportunity for progress: fewer than half of women (47%) and LGBTQ2S+ employees (46%) believe the feedback and review process at their workplace is fair, and only 29% of women believe the promotion process is fair. 
  • More than 50% of women believe it is time to introduce quotas at both the Board and executive level for a set period of time.
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