On January 16, Citigroup voluntarily released an assessment of the pay gap between men and women in their global workforce. This analysis shows that the median pay for women globally is 71% of the median for men, and the median pay for U.S. minorities is 93% of the median for non-minorities. 

Citi writes, “this reiterates the importance of our goals to increase representation of women and U.S. minorities in senior and higher-paying roles at Citi. That is how we will reduce the difference in our raw pay gap numbers over time.”

WCM President and CEO Camilla Sutton comments, “Gender pay gaps are critically important. Even if most CEOs do not think they have a pay gap, their female employees think about them all the time. The leadership that Citi is showing by doing gender pay audits and publicly releasing the data is something to be celebrated. Well done Citi. We are proud to call you a sponsor of WCM, partnering towards accelerating gender diversity!”

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