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I want access to industry-leading professional development and coaching, I want to hear from experts about the ways I can advance my career, and I want to be a part of the largest network of professional women in Canadian finance.

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I want to learn about the wide range of career opportunities available to me in finance. I want exposure and access to programs, events and industry leaders that can guide me as I transition from academia into a rewarding career.

Jobs & Board roles

I want information about the scholarships, internships, entry-level, mid-level and senior-level roles currently available within firms that value diversity and play an integral role in accelerating equity in finance for women. I also want information about what Board positions are available to me.

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Gender Equity in the Finance Sector

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Our research and reports provide key insights into the challenges, opportunities, trends and topics impacting women and gender-diverse professionals in the finance sector.

Intersectionality in Action: A Guide on Understanding & Practicing Intersectionality

Download our free guide, developed by VersaFi’s Research & Advocacy team on understanding intersectionality in the workplace and putting equitable practices in place.

Workplace Flexibility
The Future of Work in Finance

VersaFi (formerly WCM)’s The Future of Work in Finance report provides a snapshot of employee experiences with remote work in the pandemic specific to Canadian finance and offers targeted recommendations for organizations to support building equitable and productive hybrid work models.

Parental leave
The Parent Potential

VersaFi (formerly WCM)’s The Parent Potential provides a snapshot of corporate parental policies in Canada’s finance industry. The report includes a pulse check on employee experiences and pain points as it relates to parental leave.

Psychological safety
Cultivating psychological safety to unlock diversity and performance

Psychological safety is a cultural pillar of high-performing companies. This handbook outlines four ways leaders and people managers can ensure they cultivate psychological safety in their organizations.

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Accelerating gender equity in finance